‘Succubus À Distance’ festival nominations!

Film poster with the Eulogy Media logo & title 'Succubus À Distance' with 3 film festival & exhibition wreaths above it, the two names of cast members below. A composite image showing the face of a young woman in a dimly lit bedroom beneath a wall-mounted crucifix with a look of fear on her face, her hand to her mouth. Super-imposed on this is the candlelit face of another young woman with fine features and dark red lipstick and a lip ring looking at the camera.

We are absolutely overjoyed to report that one of our first ever short film titles earned itself no less than 3 official selection statuses at varied events & international film festivals throughout the year of its release.

‘Succubus À Distance’, a short abstract supernatural thriller starring Mistress Syn Ariad & Raven Victoria and written / directed by Hal Sinden, had been selected by the following events:

  • Nasty Frames Independent Film Festival (Quarter Finalist)
  • A Glimpse Of Kink Exhibition (Official Selection)
  • Horror Lust Film Festival (Official Selection)

We are overjoyed to have received these accolades and are currently awaiting the go-ahead for the title’s official release online.

My Dying Bride ‘To Outlive The Gods’

The first full length music video for UK doom legends My Dying Bride, entitled ‘To Outlive The Gods’ from their 2020 album ‘The Ghost Of Orion’, has been shot & edited by Eulogy Media (in association with Nuclear Media & Production) and finally published by Nuclear Blast Records.

We are over the moon with the end result and to have worked with Kinefinity Inc., who kindly sponsored the shoot, allowing us the use of the stunning flagship Mavo LF 6k cine camera.