We, as Eulogy Media, do our best work in the dark.

Film still of Katalin Clarke in My Dying Bride music video

When it comes to night shoots, candlelit churches & graveyards by moonlight – we can get you seen.

Don’t think that stops there though! If your vision is in a VIP corner of a dark nightclub, intimate after-party or a softly lit drawing room – we also have you covered.

As the low-light masters of modern videography, we will show your audience what they need to see and leave them wanting for the rest.

Ever wondered what your vision might look like if had been shot like a Hammer Horror film? Look no further, because the lights are low and the vintage is high.

Using our unique combination of antique European prime & anamorphic lenses, ultra-high quality glass diffusion and state-of-the-art, high resolution full frame recording sensors, we can offer the exact mixture of modern day tech with old-time film magic.






‘Succubus À Distance’ festival nominations!

We are absolutely overjoyed to report that one of our first ever short film titles earned itself no less than 3 official selection statuses at varied events & international film festivals throughout the year of its release. ‘Succubus À Distance’, a short abstract supernatural thriller starring Mistress Syn Ariad & Raven Victoria and written / …


If you have an idea or would like us to help create one for you, we would love to hear from you.